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Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa recently welcomed a new addition to the estate – and while this new addition might not be animate, it is sure to make an impression on guests and visitors to the hotel!

The hotel recently welcomed Fanie – a (not live!) baboon, sculpted from scrap metal and other recyclable products by the wonderfully talented Mamba Mutasa, an artist from Hout Bay.

Mutasa, who is originally from Zimbabwe, has made Hout Bay his home over the past 7 years. Before heading to Hout Bay, Mutasa travelled the world and had several artists residencies in Europe and Africa.

Fanie, the baboon by Mamba Mutasa

His studio in Hout Bay has become somewhat of an attraction in the small seaside village. Thanks to it being adjacent to the ever-popular Hout Bay Market, market visitors often make a detour and find themselves surrounded by jaw-dropping works of art at Mutasa’s studio.

And we’re not exaggerating when we say jaw-dropping: once you enter Mutasa’s studio that he shares with his brother, your eye almost doesn’t know where to look first. The studio is adorned with sculptures and other works of art – some completed and some still in development – and the attention to detail is truly astonishing. Mutasa creates a range of animals and creatures, humans and characters, some made from iron, wood or metal or a combination of these materials and other scrap materials.

It is here at Mutasa’s studio that we first laid eyes on Fanie – a baboon sculpture made entirely from scrap metal and other recycled materials. Fanie is a life-size sculpture, and the intricate details in his design are incredibly intriguing. The resemblance to an actual baboon is also astonishing, as Mutasa’s sculpture truly captures the essence of these fascinating (and uniquely South African) primates.

It was then decided that Fanie (who had yet to be named) should be bought and brought to Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa.

Pezula is home to its own troop of baboons. Two baboons in particular, Ms. Sparrebosch and Bobby, have become ‘resident guests’ of the hotel and can often been seen on the estate. Ms. Sparrebosch and Bobby are part of a larger troop of baboons that live in the area.

Ms. Sparrebosch waving to her fans at Pezula

Because of their frequent visits to the estate (and their penchant for lounging on the golf course in particular), the team at Pezula decided to install a ‘baboon flag’. Much like a shark flag would work on a beach, the baboon flag will be raised when the baboons are out and about to warn guests and golfers of their presence – and to just to be more cautious.

The baboon flag at Pezula

Naturally, the addition of Fanie in the foyer at Pezula only adds to the air of appreciation of baboons. Oh, and how did we decide on the name Fanie? We just felt it fits!

We’re super proud to have a stunning piece such as Fanie by Mamba Mutasa at Pezula, and, in the process, support local artists.

We hope you make sure to catch a glimpse of Fanie when you next visit Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa and you can follow Mamba Mutasa on Instagram here.